Les Twarog
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Google Review Instructions For Past Clients

Thank you for agreeing to supply me with a 5 STAR review on google.

There are a couple of easy to follow steps that you need to complete and you will be done in about 2 minutes

STEP 1, open your default web browser (this is the one that opens when you click on a hyperlink in an email, once the browser is open, login to your gmail account, if you are not already logged in to your gmail account through a web browser.

STEP 2, click on the link following link


STEP 3, a window will open with a review box already for you to type and enter your review, please type out your review, and click on the fifth star to the right to give us a 5 Star Review.

STEP 4, click the “Post” button and you are done.

Here are a couple of samples of things you might want to say.

“ Hey Les. You Rock! Thank you for all your guidance with our recent home purchase. You were able to help us navigate through the home buying maze to find the best option for our needs. We appreciate the time you spent with us to explain our options.”

“Quick note to express our appreciation for the assistance you provided when it came to finding us a our home sweet home. We know there were so many choices that we could have made and your expert knowledge educated us as to our options and you explained the pros and cons of each choice and made it easy for us to choose the right course and then you negotiated a great deal for us.”

“We are now settled into our new home and with some time to reflect back on the process I want to acknowledge how easy you made the home buying experience. We felt in control all the way, you explained everything to us and there were never any surprises. You are number one on our list when it comes to recommending you to our friends and family.”

Rank My Agent: How to write a review
  1. Go to; https://rankmyagent.com/home/search-real-estate-agent-results/rank-this-realtor-page/?agent=25538
  2. Select 5-Star quick rate, or, click and hold the dark blue bar and drag to your selection. Do this with each category.
  3. Write your Review
  4. Service details
  5. . Verify you Review
  6. Confirm review

Write a Facebook review
  1. Go to; Les Twarog on Facebook
  2. Click “Publish Posts”
  3. On right side click “+Create”
  4. Write a post